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A History of 748 South Ridgewood Ave

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In the Early 1990’s, John M. Donnelly and his brother, Alfred E. Donnelly, purchased the plot of land that included the property the Victory House now stands on.  It was recorded in Volusia County Records as 5339-56-00-0010, Section 39.-15-55 and was known as the Donnelly Development. At that time it was customary to name property being developed after the landholder. The land was tax assessed at $1,050 in 1909, and $850 in 1910.


In 1914, the Donnelly brothers subdivided the land known as Block 66, which faces South Ridgewood at Bellevue resulting in a corner lot.


Matilda H. Hall purchased the property on the corner of Bellevue and South Ridgewood. In 1910, the tax value increased to $6000 indicating that a house had been built on the property.  In 1915, the house was numbered as 654 S. Ridgewood. In 1923 the house number was changed to 748 S. Ridgewood.


Ruby and L.E. Hoeye purchased the property in 1926. The property was assessed at $15, 000. The Daytona Beach City Directory listed that Mr. Hoeye was in real estate and that they rented out rooms in their home.


In 1932 the residence was sold to Mabel and Henry Wagner.


In 1938 it was then purchased by Ada G. and John J. Jimison.


On January 9th, 1947, the property was sold to Frank T. and Mabel T. Martin along with “all the furnishings.”


In 1949, only Mabel T. Howard was listed as the owner, making it unclear as to whether her husband died or whether she was divorced. The residence was listed as “The Hawaiian Inn” and is advertised in the Daytona Beach City DIrectory as “having furnished rooms.” 


In August 1949, the owner was listed as Mabel T. Buck. In 1950, when the property was again sold, her husband was listed as Robert B. Buck.


In November 1950 the property was sold to George B. Buck and Evelyn T. Buck. The Bucks owned the property for 31 years and renamed it to “The “Bellewood Motel,” and then in 1979 to “The Bellewood Hotel.”


In 1982, neither the Bellewood Hotel nor The Bucks were listed in the Daytona Beach City Directory.


On April 18, 1986 the property was condemned and boarded up.

From 1994-1995, J. Pugh resided at this location.


In 1996, Pearl P. Smart was listed as the new homeowner.

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