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Daytona Beach 2024 Jesus Week

“And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh”

- Joel 2:28

From February 29th through March 10th we had over 1000 visitors during Bike Week for Jesus Week at the Victory House. We would like to thank Daytona Beach Recovery Church. and our sponsor Abaco Windows. for making it such a great event. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Thursday - 02/29/24

7am - 7pm

Prayer and Fasting

Join us at the Victory House from 7am to 7pm for a day of prayer and fasting in anticipation of the upcoming week of celebration.

Friday - 03/01/24


Preacher: Dr. Sutton

Worship: Spirit Led


Saturday - 03/02/2024


Preachers: Dr. Sutton /
Chip D.
Fellowship Bible Church

Worship: Andrew Marshall

Andrew Marshall is sure to push limits with his dynamic and engaging music. His songs appeal to both rock fans and country music lovers alike, blending elements from both genres to create a truly unique and memorable sound, known as Outlaw Gospel. But what truly sets Andrew Marshall apart is his ability to reach people on a deeper level, even when they are in their darkest place.

Sunday - 03/03/24


Impartation Service
Chaplain Mike & Pastor Charles
Spirit Life Worship Church


Worship: Spirit Led

Monday - 03/04/24

7 pm

Preacher: Tim Green
Salvation Army

Worship: Stacey Davis
Palm Coast Bible Church

Tuesday - 03/05/24


Preacher: Keith H.
Broken Chains

Worship: Spirit Led


Wednesday - 03/06/24


Preacher: Dan L.
Recovery Church Ormond

Worship: Living Stones

Open Worship (6:30PM): LOVINGKINDNESS

Thursday - 03/07/24


Preacher: Tyler P. 
RAC - Edgewater

Praise and Hands Raised

Worship: Spirit Led

Open Worship (6:30PM): LOVINGKINDNESS


Friday - 03/08/24


Preachers: Glen Hires
Pentecostals of Deland


Worship: Living Stones

Saturday - 03/09/24


Preacher Dan C.
Recovery Church Delray

Preacher George L.
Recover Church Vero

Testimoy: Mike B.

Worship: Ora Street Mission


Sunday - 03/10/24 


Worship: Nicky Gracious

Nicholas Greathouse, now Nicky Gracious, writes and performs music to proclaim the very Truth of the amazing love and mercy of God; who redeems the lost, sets the oppressed free, and restores to those the incredible hope that “something very wonderful” can and WILL happen to ALL who call on the name of Jesus Christ the Lord!

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